Oral Sedation in Spokane, WA

There’s nothing easier than oral sedation! Sleep Dentistry of Spokane makes oral sedation an option for our patients with:

  • Anxiety
  • Special needs
  • Sensitivity
  • A single dental appointment

With oral sedation you can enjoy safe sedation that lasts several hours and allows you to catch up on all of your oral care needs at one time.

Oral Sedation: Simple. Easy. Effective.

Hand holding pills which are given out as an oral sedation option at Sleep Dentistry of Spokane.How does oral sedation work? First, one of our Sleep Dentistry of Spokane dentists will review your medical history and then prescribe a sedative based on your age and weight. This medication is then taken about an hour before your scheduled treatment, allowing the sedative to take full effect.

Although you will be semi-conscious and capable of answering simple questions, most of our oral sedation patients won’t remember a single thing about the actual visit. The majority of people say that it feels as if they are dreaming or taking a light nap.

Oral sedation is a great way to overcome your phobia or anxiety related to coming to the dentist. We also offer IV sedation as an alternative for surgical dental procedures. Schedule your exam with Sleep Dentistry of Spokane today to find out if it’s the right option for you!

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