IV Sedation

Spokane Intravenous (IV) Sedation Dentistry

dentist-administering-iv-sedation-the-safest-level-of-deep-sedation-available-in-a-non-ambulatory-dental-facilityThe safest level of deep sedation available in a non-ambulatory dental facility is IV sedation. We offer IV sedation as well as general anesthesia in a surgical care setting to ensure your ultimate safety and comfort from start to finish.

With IV sedation, you will experience:

  • A rapid onset of “sleep”
  • IV delivered medications that offer precise cut-off at the end of the procedure
  • The ability to have all of your treatment completed in one sitting
  • Certified dentists and staff monitoring you at all times

 Dental Twilight Sedation

Most people won’t remember a single thing about their appointment. The IV medications can be adjusted as needed, allowing our sedation dentists to pinpoint the precise amount of sedative effect needed.

pediatric-dental-patient-having-iv-medications-that-can-be-adjusted-as-needed-allowing-sedation-dentists-to-pinpoint-the-precise-amount-of-sedative-effect-neededIV sedation has a relatively fast onset and recovery time, although you will feel slightly groggy for the few hours following the procedure. Your visit can be as long or short as necessary, allowing Sleep Dentistry of Spokane to complete anything from a deep cleaning to dental fillings to root canal therapy all at the same time.