General Anesthesia Services in Spokane, WA

Anesthesia is excellent for the completion of many complex procedures in one visit without any knowledge of the work being done by the patient. Going to sleep requires our patients to breathe in the anesthetic gasses through a face mask which is quick and painless.

Staff at Sleep Dentistry of Spokane prepares to administer general anesthesia to a patient in Spokane, WA.An airway is placed after induction which gives the anesthesia provider and staff full control of your safety. The dentist at this time will have a perfect view of your mouth for maximum efficiency. This is what makes full mouth restoration possible with ideal comfort using general anesthesia.

General anesthesia also ensures that you will not have any pain or memory of the procedure whatsoever.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane is the only certified dental ambulatory surgical center in Spokane. We are held to hospital standards, with the ability to perform outpatient services right here in our office.

Our Expert Staff

Not only do we have dental staff as a part of our team, but we also have a certified nurses and dental anesthesiologist for all general anesthesia procedures. This fact alone truly sets us apart from other “sedation dentists” in the area.

We Won’t Refer You Out

Our patients can have oral surgeries like wisdom teeth removal here at Sleep Dentistry of Spokane without being referred to an oral surgeon. With our on-site facilities we are able to see patients more quickly and at a more affordable rate than off site oral surgeons.

If you or your child with special needs has been told that you need to go to a hospital to have your dental procedures completed, we invite you to call Sleep Dentistry of Spokane. More than likely, we can help you with all of your oral care needs right here at our ambulatory facility.

We know you don’t want to go to the hospital. At Sleep Dentistry of Spokane you can get the same level of care and everything finished in just one day.

Does Dental Treatment Make You Feel Apprehensive?

It isn’t uncommon to feel anxious or apprehensive about your upcoming dental treatment. Some people feel more nervous than others, especially if they have had a bad experience in the past or heard about uncomfortable situations from their friends. Even more complex dental procedures may sound intimidating. Even simpler dental treatments can be scary for younger children or our patients with special needs.

Regardless of what is causing the anxiety, being nervous can cause elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations, and even difficulty sleeping. Many people come to Sleep Dentistry of Spokane after putting their dental treatment off for years, until it becomes so severe that they need care urgently.

What Is Sedation Dentistry And Anesthesia?

Both sedation and anesthesia help to make oral surgeries and dental procedures safer and comfortable for our apprehensive patients.

A sedative medication, such as Valium, is very useful for helping people manage anxiety and become more relaxed. The sedative is actually an amnesiac that limits what a patient remembers during their dental procedure.

If needed, additional medication can be used to ease the patient into a deeper sleep, that is, general anesthesia. Even though the patient is sedated, we will use local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the site that is being treated – keeping the tooth or mouth free of pain.

Monitoring Your Sedation Procedure

Based on the type of sedation or anesthesia that is needed, we will use appropriate monitoring devices to ensure your wellbeing. Some examples of monitoring devices that we use are blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, and even EKG monitors. This does not include the specialists and trained staff who remain with you throughout the entire procedure, observing you personally.

Anesthesia and Sedation Safety

Is sedation safe? Dentists have safely used anesthesia and sedation with an excellent track record throughout history. Our sedation dentists have advanced training that enables them to oversee specialty treatments such as these. We are committed to your health and well being at all times. That is why we will complete a thorough medical review and discuss any medications that you are currently taking.

In order to administer sedation, a special permit is needed. This permit can only be attained through advanced postgraduate training and site visits from the state. The surgery facility must also prove that they are equipped to handle medical emergencies and have proper protocol for managing special situations involving sedation.

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Our competent care providers make it easy for you to be comfortable during your dental treatment. We have staff fluent in Spanish and Russian, enabling us to serve a wider range of patients within our community. Flexible appointment times are available. Call Sleep Dentistry of Spokane today to learn more.

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