Dental Crowns

Full Coverage Crowns Preserve Your Teeth

a-dental-crown-is-a-restoration-that-covers-your-entire-tooth-above-the-gumline-as-opposed-to-filling-itA dental crown is a restoration that covers your entire tooth above the gumline (as opposed to filling it.) It’s ideal for preserving function on teeth that have been significantly compromised and won’t withstand everyday wear and tear much longer.

When Do I Need a Crown?

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane typically recommends having a crown placed on teeth that have been:

  • Treated with a root canal
  • Replaced by a dental implant
  • Experiencing large, failing restorations
  • Severely decayed or fractured

Your crown treatment will typically require two separate visits, but some types of crowns (such as those performed on children) may only require one. When possible, we offer sedation to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your crown procedure.

a-crown-is-ideal-for-preserving-function-on-teeth-that-have-been-significantly-compromised-and-wont-withstand-everyday-wear-and-tear-much-longerCall Sleep Dentistry of Spokane today for gentle crown and other treatments including dental bridges at Spokane’s only certified dental ambulatory center.