Dental Bridges

Fixed Restorative Solution for Missing Teetha-dental-bridge-is-a-fixed-restoration-that-replaces-one-or-two-missing-teeth-by-spanning-the-length-of-the-missing-tooth-and-is-bonded-over-healthy-teeth-on-either-side

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that replaces one or two missing teeth. It spans the length of the missing tooth and is bonded over healthy teeth on either side of the open space. The process is very similar to having a dental crown completed.

Tooth Replacement

Your bridge will consist of a prosthetic crown that is fused on either side with functional crowns. Once it is bonded over your healthy support teeth, it appears as if you have a new tooth where there was previously just an empty space.

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

At Sleep Dentistry of Spokane we design our bridges to be both functional as well as aesthetic. That way you can feel confident smiling and talking among your friends, without sacrificing the dependability of a healthy smile.

bridges-are-an-alternative-to-dentures-and-dental-implants-both-of-which-are-other-types-of-tooth-replacement-optionsBridges are an alternative to dentures and dental implants, both of which are other types of tooth replacement options. Do you know which one is right for you? Call Sleep Dentistry of Spokane to find out about all our dental services including root canal therapy for those suffering from severe tooth decay or cracked teeth!