Oral Surgery

Certified Dental Ambulatory Surgery Center in Spokane, WA

As Spokane’s only dental ambulatory surgery center, we offer traditional dental therapies as well as in-house sedation and complex surgical procedures. For patients with advanced oral health concerns or special needs, an ambulatory dental center can make treatment more convenient, affordable, and safe.

Why Choose an Ambulatory Provider

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane is able to provide expanded oral care options that traditional dentists cannot. Some of the reasons why you might choose to visit our ambulatory surgery center include routine family dental procedures, as well as services like:

As an alternative to traditional hospital treatment, our ambulatory center makes dental care possible without any referrals to specialists or hospitals. We are able to safely provide treatment to patients from all backgrounds, regardless of how simple or complex their care needs are.

We are the only dental ambulatory surgery center in Spokane. In fact, we work with many area dental providers to offer our services and staff to provide an extremely safe and reliable way to care for their patients. With dedicated operating rooms and licensed care providers, you can rest assured that Sleep Dentistry of Spokane has your family’s health and best interests in mind.