Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Spokane, WA

Why are wisdom teeth such a problem for so many people? Most of us do not have room for the 3rd set of molars to erupt straight into place; and if they do, they are difficult to keep clean.

Woman getting her wisdom teeth examined to see if any treatment are needed. Because of this, Sleep Dentistry of Spokane patients often battle with wisdom teeth that:

  • Create infections around the tooth and adjacent teeth
  • Crowd and push other teeth out of place
  • Become decayed easily
  • Are difficult to clean
  • Develop gum disease
  • Cause pain and swelling through the jaws and face

Proactive and Therapeutic Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Removing your wisdom teeth can help you avoid complications like those mentioned above. Most wisdom teeth develop between the teen years and even as late as 30 years of age. Simply waiting for the problem to go away usually won’t happen. Instead, removing the tooth before these problems develop can keep your mouth healthy.

More Convenient Than An Oral Surgeon’s Office

At Sleep Dentistry of Spokane, we provide the same advanced care and anesthesia options that are available from an oral surgeon, without the longer wait or bigger price tag. We are also happy to accept referrals for wisdom teeth removal surgeries from area dentists that may lack the ambulatory facilities and anesthesia services provided by our doctors.

Get quick wisdom tooth pain relief. Call Sleep Dentistry of Spokane today to schedule an appointment.

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