"Quick" and Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Happy Young WomanThe entire team at Sleep Dentistry of Spokane is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line care in an environment that emphasizes your comfort.

We invite you to explore what a root canal is and how you can make the experience a positive one the next time you need endodontic treatment.

Why Have a Root Canal?

Because of injury or decay, a tooth's delicate nerve chamber can become infected. At this point, the tooth is essentially dead and will only cause you more pain.

A root canal removes the infected material inside the tooth and fills in the empty space. Then, it's finished with a crown. This technique allows you hold onto your tooth – hopefully for many more years.

The treatment used to save a tooth is more cost-effective and faster than extracting the tooth and replacing it. Nothing else is quite the same as your tooth's natural roots. That's why it's so important to save your tooth with endodontic treatment like a root canal.

How to Finish Your Treatment as Quickly as Possible

The best way to make a procedure as lengthy as a root canal go by like a few minutes? Sleep through it!

At Sleep Dentistry of Spokane, we specialize in helping our patients get through necessary dental treatment as comfortably as possible. You'll wake up with your tooth repaired and it will feel like only a few minutes passed by.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry for Any Procedure

Even when you know for a fact that nothing bad will happen, you can still have a fear of dental care. This unnecessary anxiety dead-ends and leaves your body stressed.

Alleviating your anxiety with the appropriate level of sedation will spare you that stress. With each positive experience, your trust in your dentist and confidence for facing future care will grow.

"Sleep" Through Your Next Root Canal in Spokane

Turn a lengthy procedure like a root canal into a simple mid-afternoon nap.

Since 2011, we've specialized in making dental care as easy and accessible as possible. Contact Sleep Dentistry of Spokane to learn how we can help you through your next dental procedure in comfort and ease.

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