Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for answers to many of our frequently asked questions. If you'd like any further information, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you!

Who is a candidate for sedation or anesthesia?

Anesthesia is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy ultimate comfort throughout their dental procedure without being aware of what else is going on. It is also perfect for children and adults with special needs or developmental delays.

Can I be sedated to have all of my treatment done at one time?

Yes. We often recommend completing all of your care during the sedation appointment if possible. This prevents the need for numerous visits to our office and helps you or your child enjoy the best oral health possible.

Is anesthesia safe?

Absolutely. Our doctors and staff have extensive training, experience and certifications in anesthesia and sedation dentistry. We are an ambulatory surgical center, which means you get the safety of hospital sedation without having the inconvenience.

Can I (or my child) eat anything before an anesthesia or sedation appointment?

No. It is very important that you do not eat or drink anything prior to your visit, as we do not want to risk accidental aspiration of foreign substances during your procedure. All solid food must be avoided after midnight the night before the surgery. Clear liquids (no milk) can be consumed up to two hours before the appointment. We will provide you with specific details during your sedation consultation.

How long do my child or I have to wait before returning to work/school?

Most of our patients can return to work or school the very next day. The effects of the sedative may take several hours to fully wear off, leaving you groggy the day of the procedure.

Can I be in the room with my child during their treatment?

You are more than welcome to be in the room with your child until they go to sleep. We then ask that you wait in our reception area so that we can maximize the treatment room for care staff, who need to work as effectively as possible.

Are siblings welcome?

You will want all of your attention to be directed toward the child undergoing treatment. Due to limited space in our center’s reception area and other patients here for sedation services, we request that siblings refrain from accompanying the patient to his or her appointment.

Will my child feel any pain?

Each patient is cared for on an individual basis. Younger children are usually sedated with a mask, avoiding the discomfort of needle pricks or sticks. Older children and adults may choose a brief pinch rather than the nosepiece to induce sedation.

How long will it take for my child to wake up?

Depending on the type of anesthesia or sedation used, your child may wake up fairly quickly or take a few hours for the sedative to completely wear off. Our staff is happy to discuss the different types of sedation and anesthesia with you and how they will affect the day.

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