Are There Certain Requirements to Request Sedation?

Sleep dentistryOne of the most common misconceptions about sleep and sedation dentistry is that you need to fit a certain criteria or need in order to request the option for your dental procedures. Not true! In fact, sedation dentistry can be requested by most people.

Sleep Dentistry for Children

Choosing sedation for children’s dental procedures can help little ones get through their procedure more easily. Our dentists are able to work more efficiently, because there’s no wiggling involved. It’s also safe for our pediatric patients with different types of special needs – including autism, Down syndrome, or ADHD.

Sedation for Complex Cases

Maybe you’ve delayed your dental care for years, to the point that extensive work needs to be done for full mouth rehabilitation. Instead of scheduling multiple visits and phases of therapy, sedation allows us to complete many types of procedures in just one visit. That means less time off of work, and less time driving back and forth for additional appointments.

There are no referrals necessary in order to schedule an appointment with one of our Sleep Dentistry of Spokane dentists. Just call us up and let us know that you would like to book a consultation to find out more. We’ll review your health history and specific oral health needs to help you determine the most appropriate way to relax throughout your visit. Contact our dental ambulatory surgical center today!

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