Can Kids Have Dental Sedation?

Little Girl at Dentist's OfficeEveryone deserves a relaxing and happy experience at the dentist’s office. Dental care is essential to good health and a comfortable life. It has to be done, but it's not always an easy thing to endure.
How can sedation help kids cope?

The dental sedation experts at Sleep Dentistry of Spokane have some safe solutions:

Nitrous oxide – This is best known as 'laughing gas.' Nitrous oxide is a safe combination of gases that helps the mind and body relax. It leaves no lasting effects when the procedure is over, and is very safe for kids. We might even use it before administering deep anesthesia.
Oral sedation – A simple oral medicine can be administered just before the dental procedure. This has a longer lasting and deeper effect than the laughing gas. The prescribed type and amount of medication are tailored to your child's age and needs.
IV sedation – General sedation (like that in a hospital clinic) is also available at our ambulatory center, staffed with professionals certified in sedation and anesthesia. You don't need to visit to a hospital when all your dental needs, whether routine or special, can be taken care of right here.

IV sedation is safe for kids, but we take no chances. We closely monitor your child at all times during their treatment.

Here’s what you can do to make the sedation process safe and smooth by:

  • Bringing no other children to the appointment so that you can focus on providing comfort to the one child
  • Following directions about eating before the appointment
  • Keeping a positive tone when discussing the process with your child

In short, dental sedation is safe for children as long as everyone is well-prepared.

Dental Sedation for Children in the Spokane Area

Sleep Dentistry of Spokane strives to create the most relaxing and positive atmosphere possible. Our skilled staff are highly experienced in treating kids, with and without sedation. We're ready to work with you to find best solution for calming your child and making the experience productive and positive.

Schedule a visit to our practice today to see for yourself how we can help your family.

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