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Sleep Dentistry Spokane makes it easy for your Spokane family to access comfortable, safe sedation dentistry at our ambulatory surgical center.

sedated-dental-patient-happy-that-sleep-dentistry-spokane-makes-it-easy-for-his-family-to-access-comfortable-safe-sedation-dentistry-at-their-ambulatory-surgical-centerOur experienced team of experts provides a range of services including:

Comprehensive Oral Care

Not only do we provide dental surgeries such as dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, and extractions, but our dentists also offer cleanings and exams, root canal treatments, and dental fillings.

Thanks to our surgical and sedation options, you or your family member can complete all of your needed dental treatment at one time. It’s a great way to maintain your oral health or catch up on dental needs in a safe, convenient manner.

Call Sleep Dentistry Spokane today to find out more about our services or to schedule your new patient visit! We serve the community of Spokane, WA and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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