Meet the Administrative Team


Chief of Operations

Loves: Traveling, Concerts
Can’t Live Without: Music
Proudest Accomplishment: My two beautiful, successful daughters
Favorite Activity: 4-wheeling in the mountains, making baby quilts
Mantra: Make it a great day!


Anesthesia Scheduling Coordinator

Can’t Live Without: My family, coffee & a good book
Best Life Experience: Being a flight attendant
Dream Job: Owning my own bakery
Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots!
Words to Live By: Live well, laugh often & love much


Awake Scheduling Coordinator

Loves: Ferrets, caffeine & my family
Guilty Of: Collecting ferrets!
Is: Girl Scout leader, mom, wife, daughter
Dream vacation: Anywhere on a tropical island
Words to Live By: I owe my life to the people that I love


Scheduling Coordinator, Greeter

Best Life Experience: Raising my family on the farm
Currently: Being a Grandma
Favorite Job: Driving combine
Loves: Gardening, reading, animals
Fluent in: Shenanigans!


Financing Coordinator

Can’t Live Without: My family, cat & coffee
Proudest Accomplishment: Cat mommy
Best Life Experience: Traveling to Puerto Rico for San Juan Festival & seeing Darius Aucker
Dream car: Audi R8
Always Hungry For: Pasta & garlic bread!


Billing Coordinator

Proudest Accomplishment: Raising good kids with morals, good work ethic & manners
Can’t Live Without: Coffee… did I say coffee?
Favorite Job: This one, of course!
Drives: Too fast, too close and out of the lines
Loves: Country music


Insurance Coordinator

Proudest Accomplishment: My three children (Devin, Chase, Cheyenne)
Favorite Movie: The Help
Favorite Job: Being a mom
Quote: Those that mind don’t matter & those that matter don’t mind.
Favorite Sports Team: Gonzaga Basketball



Loves: Dianna, my wife, and our 2 cats, Ginger and Culson
Favorite Movie: Home
Fluent In: Quick Books
Dream Car: Camaro
Words To Live By: Do under others as you would have them do unto you.



Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks
Loves: Coffee, traveling and spending time with her two girls
Fluent In: French (sometimes)
Favorite Activity: Snowboarding, bike riding and anything outdoors


Administrative Assistant

Loves: Reading, my cat & dogs
Can’t Live Without: Ballet
Always Hungry For: Chocolate
Dream Vacation: Visit France and Italy
Favorite Activity: Hiking

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